New Equipment Sales

Green Mountain Grills

Grilling with wood pellets is so much better than with either charcoal or gas. But the folks at Green Mountain Grills felt the pellet grill they owned needed some improvements, so they made their own, and Green Mountain Grills is now the top of the line, best of the best. But NOT the highest in price!! They support local brick and mortar retailers because they help keep the grills and accessories accessible and affordable. We are proud to be your local retailer and share what we think is the best series of grills on the market today. Stop in and let us show you, or better yet, let us fire one up so you can smell why we love them! Grill smarter. Eat better. We do!

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Hustler Lawnmower Sales

In 1964, Hustler introduced the Hustler®, the world’s first zero-turn mower. Since then, Hustler has become one of the leading turf care brands. Featuring tough welded-steel decks, heavy-duty fabricated frames and Hustler’s exclusive SmoothTrak™ steering, these mowers deliver an incredibly smooth and fluid zero-turn experience. Rigorously tested, every model meets expectations that are higher than industry standards. You just can’t go wrong with a Hustler! We’ll be happy to let you take a test drive, answer your questions and begin your Hustler experience!

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Greenworks Commercial Equipment


Greenworks Commercial tools are powered by brushless motors, making them up to 50% quieter than gas powered tools. This quiet operation allows you to work in sites where there are noise restrictions in place. Quieter operation means you can start your day earlier, get to more jobs, and work later - all without disturbing your clients.


Greenworks Commercial power equipment starts with either the push of a button or the squeeze of a trigger - no more pulling a cord. Start and restart easily. The brushless motor technology of Greenworks Commercial tools drastically reduces vibrations as compared to gas-powered equipment. Lighter-weight tools with reduced vibrations means less user fatigue, resulting in extended use and an easier week of work.


No Fluctuating fuel costs. No mixing, no spills. No smelling like fuel and exhaust all day long. Greenworks Commercial tools deliver commercial grade power without the mess and smell of gas and oil, so you can breathe easy. Charging a battery is a fraction of the cost of a tank of gas, significantly lowering operating costs.


Greenworks Commercial equipment requires less maintenance than traditional gas powered equipment. No carburetors to service, no lines to be replaced, no oil to change, no replacing spark plugs, no cleaning air filters...which means no down time. With Greenworks Commercial, the tools are ready to work when you are.

When you make a living with your tools, you want something that you can rely on, and will deliver the power and performance you need. The battery technology and brushless motors of Greenworks Commercial deliver just that - reliable, commercial grade power without the hassle of gas.

  • Greenworks Commercial Equipment Sales in Eastern Jackson County